Man of Steel? More like Heart of Stone!


*NOTE: Contains spoilers.*

I’ve just watched the new Superman movie and once again I am disappointed by DC Comics (Batman exempt, obviously)

Did anyone else watch this epic trailer, which depicted worldly struggles and then the ‘Man of Steel’ looking out to the distance, clearly trying to “decide what kind of man you wanna be Clark” in a cool new suit and get butterflies for ‘The most anticipated superhero movie of the year’

If you did, then like me, you would surely have been a little disappointed when you realised that the film you had just watched was devoid of all emotion.

I’m not a huge DC Comic reader but I’m pretty sure the premise of Superman is that he battles with his own identity, trying to decide if he wants to be human or Kryptonian, symbolised by his relationship with both sets of parents.

Kevin Costner’s portrayal of daddy Kent was quite good, he certainly didn’t fall short on inspirational lessons, in fact, it felt like every time he was on screen Clark was about to hear a speech on morals. You’d think when old Kev got taken out by a tornado (which suddenly comes out of nowhere) the film would take a moment to process the loss… Nope! Moooving-swiftly-on!

I shouldn’t be so harsh, there were plenty of other people for Superman to build a genuine, loving relationship with, like robotic delivery Russell Crowe, or dead bored farm mum Diane Lane, or perhaps Amy Adams as Lois Lane, but I hope she puts more passion into her reporting than she did into that kiss.

Credit where credits due, the film did not hold back on the special effects and CGI and cool alien shizzle. Krypton at the start gets top marks for exploring a side to Superman which you dont normally see, and it had me hooked straight away, unfortunately it was short lived (thats a pun because the planet implodes BOOM!)

The fight scenes were pretty sweet too but I guess they called it Man of Steel because he gets thrown through half of the buildings in New York.

Would I go and watch it again knowing what I know now? Yeah, I probably would, just to say I had and to get my fix of nostalgia for the year. But if you’re hoping to experience any kind of real emotion like personal conflict, fear, loss or maybe regret (like when Uncle Ben dies in Spiderman after he was a dick to him) then this isnt the film for you… go watch the Notebook.


2 thoughts on “Man of Steel? More like Heart of Stone!

  1. Just to be nit-picky, it’s Krypton, not Krytonia.

    Other than that, it is pretty void of emotion, but i’m not too fussed about that being a soulless monster myself.

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