XBOX ONE: Why I couldn’t be LESS excited.

Picture this. Its 2013, the year when technology has advanced to the point where we are now able to pay for our shopping with our telephone.
We now have computers that can track our eyes, recognise our voice and adjust the temperature so the room is the same climate as our body.
Bill Gates hasnt used his legs in about 3 years but instead is suspended from fibre wires in the center of a large empty room, from which he controls the whole of xbox live, running about in COD “owning noobs”

So naturally, when they announce the next generation in gaming console, you can bet your life savings its gonna be some kinda next level sh*t.


Well looks like you just lost your car, house, probably your wife, and your TV. But dont worry, because Xbox One has integrated television! Really?!

I couldnt be LESS excited about the release of a console.

If you havent had chance to look into the new Xbox yet then I’m afraid you’re gonna be a little disappointed, especially if you dont play COD and already have a TV or a Blu Ray player, because thats about the sum of it.

Also dont put your Xbox 360 on ebay just yet because it looks like the new console will not be backwards compatible. So you know all those old games which you havent completed yet and are still playing? Well they wont work on the Xbox One. Added to this, its rumoured that you will actually have to pay an additional fee to play used games, presumably to register the game to your console.

Lastly, the Kinect is a 100% compulsory accessory now, always running and connected to thousands of servers… it even works in the dark. I’m pretty relaxed about security, I use my name as all my passwords and bank code is 0000 but something about a camera/motion sensor in my house thats always online makes me nervous, and theres talk of the Kinect also coming to PC’s now too. SUSPICIOUS!

So our other option is to opt for an inferior controller and convert to the PS4, but we dont know much about that yet either. As long as it doesn’t bring back an updated Guitar Hero, I’ll be happy.

What are your thoughts on the new Xbox One and like me, will you be moving over to the darkside and buying a Playstation? (Go on. It used to fun right?!)


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