Learning about Photoshop = Vintage Social Media Wallpaper

I recently decided I had need of some photo editing software and I was already fond of using the phrase “photoshopped” for every edited picture I come across. I thus decided to go for the obvious and teach myself to use Adobe Photoshop.

As I’ve had no formal graphic design training, of course I’m not actually “teaching myself”, however, there are no shortage of people willing to walk you through it on Youtube and a simple search for ‘Photoshop CS6 Tutorial’ found dozens.

If you want to try it for yourself without paying at least £70, you can always get a 30 day free trial

This is the first thing that I’ve churned out.


This is my new Twitter background, exported as a .Gif and 1728 × 1080 dimensions so as to fall under the 2mb upload cap. If you’d like to see what it looks like, check out my feed @iamTylerEllis

Feel free to use this for your own profile or why not create your own background using this awesome Social Media Icon Pack created by designer and illustrator Jan Cavan who also explains how to make your own vintage stamps using….yep, you guessed it, Photoshop.

Thanks to everyone that shares this. Enjoy


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